“Mr. Robot” Started Its Last Season by Sacrificing One of Its Best Characters

I mentioned in Friday’s post that I had written an essay about a TV character and submitted it to a few websites. One of those websites was Slate, one of my favorite resources for writing about pop culture. I’m very excited to share that the TV editor liked the article, and it was published late last Friday. Wild! Not to make this a Lesson, but look what wanting can do!

Spoilers for Season 4 of Mr Robot, of course. Sample quote:

I am not anti–character death, partly because I love to be sad in the same way that people who watch horror movies love to be scared, but also because sometimes it’s just the right thing for the story. I’ve had fights with people who believe that character death is always lazy writing, the cheap way out, but when the stakes in a world are high—as they are in the world of Mr. Robot—it makes sense that not everyone will make it out alive. I was deeply upset over many of the deaths in the last Harry Potter books, but there was a magical war between good and evil, and some people had to die or the stakes weren’t real. I’ve been fully in love with Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark since 2008, and I sobbed like a child in Avengers: Endgame, but I also left the theater evangelizing about how Tony Stark had one of the single best character arcs of modern media.

That’s right: In this essay about a Mr. Robot character, I managed to mention Harry Potter and Tony Stark. I also wrote briefly about Logan Echolls and several characters in Angel the Series. And soft-quoted the Bible. Anyone got Catey Bingo?

Read the full article at Slate.

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