I’ve loved stories since I was a little girl. My dad had me hooked on Agatha Christie novels well before it’s probably appropriate to develop an interest in murder, and I read most of the Harry Potter books aloud (with accents!) to my mom and little brother as they were released. I knew early on that I wanted to write books one day. I followed that passion into a BFA and then an MFA in creative writing. Since graduating, I’ve published several short stories and polished my thesis into a young adult novel manuscript that I’m currently querying. I am also at work on a new project about the intersection of grief and faith.

My passion for proofreading and editing is almost as strong as my desire to create my own words. I’ve enjoyed copy editing work in academic, literary, and marketing settings, and I am always eager to take on a new challenge. I have a careful eye for errors and a knack for making more big-picture adjustments without sacrificing the author’s voice, thanks in part to the collaborative workshop environment of my MFA program. Almost nothing fulfills me more than taking a creator’s work and elevating the content to the best it can be.

When not editing, I enjoy writing young adult fiction, reading murder mysteries, experimenting with makeup, watching the Texas Rangers lose baseball games, getting too emotionally invested in TV shows, and spending time with my hound mix, Lily.