About Me

CateyMillerhsI received my MFA in creative writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in 2015. My fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in such publications as Lunch Ticket, Hunger Mountain, YA Review Network, and Ruminate. I have had a story nominated for a Pushcart Prize and another receive special mention in the Katherine Paterson Prize. I also sometimes write on my blog about faith, TV shows, and other things I’m obsessed with.

In addition to writing, I work as a professional copyeditor. I’ve enjoyed editing work in academic, literary, and marketing settings, and almost nothing fulfills me more than taking a creator’s work and elevating the content to the best it can be (and correcting serial comma usage). I currently work as the associate editing director at a national marketing agency and manage a team of talented freelance and full-time editors.

When not writing or editing, I enjoy reading murder mysteries, experimenting with makeup, watching the Texas Rangers lose baseball games, getting too emotionally invested in TV shows, and spending time with my husband, Kyle; our beautiful and cranky hound mix, Lily; and our sweet-faced, three-legged black Lab, Pax.